[Konvas] Production Rentals - Lighting scaffolding and production supplies - Warner Bros Studios Leavesden

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Warner bros studios. Used to be De Havilland aircraft factory WW11. Then Armstrong Siddely
Jet engines then Rolls Royce engines factory. When they knocked down the main terminal, they used the rubble to turn into the French village in Saving Private Ryan. Second star wars and last Star wars made here also Harry Potter. George lucas then bought it, then sold to Warner Bros.
Warner Bros are aiming to be the biggest in Europe in terms of size. There are 17 other studios within 30 miles of Warner Bros Studios UK. Pinewood and Shepperton are the biggest in Europe in terms of sound stages. Twickenham London film studios being the oldest purpose made studios (100 years) closed last year. Business is brisk but for how long? Disney is slowly building up their studio space by buying up un-used studios for pennies. There is a war on here between the studios  so there are plenty of incentives for film makers. Good weather is not important any more as the new 'state of art' studios have plenty of green screens built in the walls!

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