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 One-- nudity-- that is a carry over from the roaring twenties and the depression era religious reform movement.

Two-- record your gunfight, but use it for distance/volume levels and to tell which weapons sound like what.  It saves your rear end in post work to have a good track even though you are redoing it sound by sound to get it to match the visuals. 



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> Well,what about his films depicting violence?

That does bring up a good point. Why (in North America at least) is nudity an extreme taboo which 
can lead to someone feeling ashamed of his/her body, yet multiple people getting killed is seen as 
not a big deal? Something is very messed up about our perceptions...

And, to bring us back on subject, you may not need to worry about audio recording when shooting 
gunshot scenes - so it could be a perfect place to use a Konvas: 

http://konvas.org/faq/faqs/faq/how-loud-is-the-konvas ;)

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