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Starscrash is not a bad film. Photographed by a friend of mine Paul Beeson (died a few years ago)  I also worked with his daughter who was a Pan Am stewardess.  Paul Beeson worked with many great Directors including David Lean. He gave me some of his film collection which are still sealed in their tins. I should really store them properly. But I need a bigger house.

Thankyou for sharing


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> I think LUCAS do not get an off from Disney
> i know 24 millions people see the last film in France
> until the end of December 31,2015.
> In the interview Lucas said his intention was to made a sequel to his work
> but he was tight in money he like to finance it all, probably to be free.
> Take an attention too what Lucas said about the movie industries ?
> They do not like to take any risk !
> Have you seen the film STARSCRASH made in 79 it's first look like a
> american film but it's in reality a Italian film.
> It's a stars wars made like Barbarella or the film made by the animation
> monster in Aladin adventure.
> But what his interesting the fx was made in the camera and the stars ship
> running on track and they run the camera back and mask the star ship and
> exposed the film in a secound time for the back ground. All the FX was made
> in the camera.
> After i watch StarCrash early this week i watch yesterday Barbarella 1968
> those film represent Science-Fiction before Star Wars and the 60's. Lucas
> made science-fiction and show them in a believable reality...
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