[Konvas] Cinema Digest, Vol 117, Issue 5

photones at juno.com photones at juno.com
Mon Jan 11 14:49:03 EST 2016

I recently had some 8/8mm negative footage transferred. Old grainy b&w for a project forgotten. Resurrected the footage for a music vid. First had a rank transfer not too bad also not very sharp. I then sent it to someone who does frame by frame projector HD transfers. Much better sharpness for less money. They also did a 50' color 24fps S8 sound transfer that looked really very good for $18. These were only standard gate dimensions. I'm not sure about Kodak offering a cloud? transfer or a 4K? I probably misunderstood this. It would seem they'd be farming out all the processing and transfers to Pro 8mm.

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