[Konvas] Legal Forms & release for the DOCUMENTARIES

Pierre Samuel Rioux psrioux at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 14:10:41 EST 2016

Legal Forms & Contracts Pack ( for documentaries )

Notice * i do not make any profit on this ... i all ready buy a pack for
myself and considered it's a very good offer ... this why i share this
*NEW! *A starter pack of (7) essential legal forms and contracts
specifically designed for documentary filmmakers. Created exclusively for
Desktop Documentaries by Entertainment Attorney Gordon

Look at this link store and you have them for 19$ US

 it's all ready made by a attorney what you have it in a ZIP file you could
used with Word and you have also a PDF file telling you how to using it ...
btw you buy a file you download.( no shipping cost )
In word you could made change and adapt-it for you ... I am a French
speaking Canadian native and i translate it in French one side and the
other side it's the original in English adapted if i done some change. But
I recommend you to ad a line in the bottom of your translation said
something like this : In case of conflict the English side will be
considered as the legal contract... this his only because this side how was
written by a Attorney.In a French interview many do not speak in English so
this way it's more easy for them to know what it's on.

same link

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