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Here is a link--  


The AMT is rated for 400 pounds, but does not have the elevator.  Their heads are the best user heads I have ever been able to find, and I owned several of them, my favorites to actually use being the 4-63020-8A and the 4-53031-7BQ tripod with the 4-52926-9 heads on them.  The head is actually a non-dump counterbalance head, and it works.  With some practice you can get it to move smoother than most fluid heads.




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I never even knew of the existence of Quickset Gibraltar tripodswhereby upper capacity is maxed at 200 lbs. What type of heads can youattach to it? it appears non-standard relative to 75/100/150mm bowls.http://www.lightglassoptics.com/QuickSet-Gibraltar-Heavy-Duty-Tripod_p_723.html 

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