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Apparently I am still not getting all of the emails, but, as much as I hate to ask, "50" by "70" what? 

50x70mm is smaller than 65mm Vistavision or the negative from a Mamyia RB-67.

IMAX 15/70 has an actual image size of 70.41×52.63 mm (2.772×2.072 in), and while I liked it, the weight of gear made me appreciate my Quickset Gibraltar, which easily handled the 300+ pounds of camera, magazine, and lens unit. 

Dealing with a negative that size was amazing, but make sure you have a young, rested, and strong crew to handle it, and do not pick up anything heavier than a clipboard yourself. 

If it is still camera then it is more likely the 21x28 inch press plate making format, which I hated with a passion-- the 16x20 cameras just did it so much better and were easier to move.  And Kodak stocked several 16x20 films, both transparency and negative in addition to super high contrast plate films.

But that was in the previous millennium, too. 



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Wow!  50x70 thats a big format. Do you make your own glass plates too.

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