[Konvas] Not time to put a film camera for sell on ebay !

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No, not a good time to sell gear. However, it's a good time to buy it! 

I'm looking forward to the new Kodak Super 8 camera. It's finally making its arrival in the Spring. Maybe it's just me, but I've always loved Super 8. 

Speaking of Kubrick, has anyone seen Passengers? Jeez, they try to steal from Kubrick in about every way imaginable in that film and it's still horrible. You know a film is bad when you try to ape a master and your film still sucks, LOL!! 

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The price are very low ! for film stuff look the price for ARRI 
Look this item : a THEMP 

Why they do not made a film how process with only water. 

The year it's very close to the end ! 
I wish next year will be less chaotic on the planet. 

Early this week I watch SPARTACUS a film Stanley KUBRICK 
do not appreciate doing it... and he never want after making film for other. 
But this film was good. 
48 hrs after i watch it Steven Lyle send me this clip about the Kubrick's lens he used 
I think they forget the 28mm from angenieux he used also? 


Not much film in theater this year ! i see the Stars war at the premiere the 15 December and for the Holiday season i have no interest on any they show. 
But the last Star Trek Beyond was much better sorry for you Disney. 

I just watch Austin Power the first one Carrie Fisher play a PSY in it. 
Hope our kid will not think it's was like Austin Power world in the 70's. 

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