[Konvas] Not time to put a film camera for sell on ebay !

Pierre Samuel Rioux psrioux at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 23:46:46 EST 2016

The price are very low ! for film stuff look the price for ARRI
Look this item : a THEMP

Why they do not made a film how process with only water.

The year it's very close to the end !
I wish next year will be less chaotic on the planet.

Early this week  I watch SPARTACUS a film Stanley KUBRICK
do not appreciate doing it... and he never want after making film for other.
But this film was good.
48 hrs after i watch it Steven Lyle send me this clip about the Kubrick's
lens he used
I think they forget the 28mm from angenieux he used also?


Not much film in theater this year ! i see the Stars war at the premiere
the 15 December and for the Holiday season  i have no interest on any they
But the last Star Trek Beyond was much better sorry for you Disney.

I just watch Austin Power the first one Carrie Fisher play a PSY in it.
Hope our kid will not think it's was like Austin Power world in the 70's.
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