[Konvas] Looking to buy 35mm gear

Bruce Taylor taylorcobmw at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 2 19:54:35 EST 2016

Hmmm. I have not weighed the Moviecams. I can probably do that over the weekend, that's a good question. 
Concerning the Kinor 35H: I believe in a lightweight configuration pictured below (no dovetail, rods) it weighed in at 28 lbs. That's the body, 400 ft mag w/film, one prime lens, camera mounted matte box, video tap. Handheld, your shoulder goes in the space between the mag and body, there is a handle on the right side with an on off switch. It works very naturally as a hand held camera in this configuration. I also have all the connectors to mount it on a steadicam rig and the right-angle mount for the mag. The pic is of the 2 perf body, the 4 perf body is Kinor gray.

It's not silent, but certainly quiet enough to record sound if you want to. I had a sound barney custom made for it to knock the sound down further if needed.

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Bruce, the moviecams are quite heavy aren't they? What about the Kinor? I need something easy to move. It can be loud (Konvas loud!)

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