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Thu Dec 1 21:39:49 EST 2016

Two quick suggestions based on owning the toys--

The original Arri 35BL hardfronted to PL is a better deal than the III because it is as steady and goes faster if you need to, and unless you need light weight the Kinor 35S is as good as or better than the III but does NOT have the high speed.. 




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Hello everyone,

I'm in need of a 35mm system. I've gone down the Konvas rout and I'm a bit fed up. Its a charming camera but I'm losing my mind worrying about registration, scratching mags, ect.

Anyone here have any gear they'd like to get rid of?...an Arriflex III? Let me know! If you could pass on my information to anyone you know that might want to sell some stuff, that would be appreciated.

Thanks alot,


jskrundz at gmail.com

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