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If you mean the Konvas/Kinor fanatics-- there are still some, but the stumbling blocks of film costs, equipment issues, and idiots demanding "you use only the newest technology" have cut down the number of posts, but we still hear things from time to time.

If you are talking about something else, let us know so we can see.




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Is this group still going or is it kaput.

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Welcome to the Reel Deal – your source for the latest motion picture film news.  

Roman Vasyanov and David Ayer team-up on Suicide Squad filming in Anamorphic to deliver an authentic cinematic quality
Kickin’ it up ... Emerging filmmakers choose real film
Check out the latest Kodakery podcast featuring the creative duo of Alexi Pappas and Jeremy Teicher.
Did you shoot on Kodak film? Share your filmmaking story with us.


 Roman Vasyanov / Suicide Squad  

 Roman Vasyanov and David Ayer teamed-up once again for the anti-hero blockbuster Suicide Squad. "Shooting film keeps you at the top of your craft," says Vasyanov. "You have to think and plan ahead, and this makes filming a thoughtful, soulful process." Filming on KODAK VISION3 5219 500T brings back the creative excitement on nighttime photography.





Kickin’ It Up ... Next Gen Filmmakers Choose Real Film 

 The next generation of filmmakers around the world has discovered the unparalleled quality of real film and Kodak has partnered with Kickstarter for an innovative initiative to help make those aspirations a reality. Now busy at work on a wide range of projects, four of those filmmakers took time out to speak to us about why shooting on motion picture film is so important to the art of filmmaking.





 This episode features the creative duo of Alexi Pappas and Jeremy Teicher: two filmmakers whose most recent work Speed Googles, shot on KODAK Super 8 Film, was debuted on the New York Times website as a 5-part series. Alexi, who is also an elite runner, beautifully weaves her experiences and reflections into her work. 








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