[Konvas] BIG INFO …..Magnetic sound track

Olivier olivierauverlau at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 12:56:58 EDT 2016

i just come back from 3 days filming the disaster Epicenter of the earthquake with my OSMO camera … 
and coming back looking mails . . 
and see something about magnetic soundtrack . 
The ones of the BEST center of restoration sound of ANY sound format in the world (it is true !!!) is CINEVOLUTION of a old friend and ex teacher of me , the guy is Jean Pierre is one of the best and only MACHINE maker of any kind , from the first sound movie, 70mm , vista all film format can be reach read and restored in his LAB …. 
so if you need mag16mm pert restoration or any kind , this is the guy ! 
his name is Jean Pierre Verscheuren …

jean Pierre Verscheure <j.verscheure at outlook.com>

webpage  http://www.cinevolution.be/
with OSMO camera
Facebook page 

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