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I hope you and your loved ones are okay. 
The media coverage in the U.S. has been continuing, but it no longer makes the front page. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
For those of us in the U.S. the CARE website is  Home
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| HomeCARE is a humanitarian organization providing disaster relief and fighting poverty around the world. You can help by making a donation today! |
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You can click on "Donate" and send funds. I just did. 
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HI, Friends , i know it is not a cameras theme …. BUT please here in Ecuador, we are in BIG emergency and disaster for the Earthquake of 7.8 last saturday  ,I know than the medias in the world only give attention one day.... But we havelot of death peoples. And hundred of thousand, families without House, WithoutFood , no water … thousand of bodies still under the blocks …. ... So please community ... if you ear a way to support Ecuador (theEcuadorians Embassy’s work as receptors for donations.).. I recommend CARE international i know the good job they do in the world and here they are present in Ecuador too . .. Please DO IT! ,  …..   PLEASE SEND HELP TOECUADOR.  Bests,Olivier Auverlau.  

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