[Konvas] 28-35-50-75 OCT-18 MINT spherical lens set

Anders Banke anders at solidentertainment.se
Fri Apr 15 08:09:34 EDT 2016

    LOMO 28mm T2.2, #900239
    LOMO 35mm T2.2, #890204
    LOMO 50mm T2.2 #890464
    LOMO 75mm T2.3 #890364

    MINT UNUSED, OCT-18 mount.

    Easy to convert to PL, lightweight lenses, great for Quadcopter camera
rigs et c.

   As I mentioned previously I'm now finally clearing out most of my
"spare", "backup" and "good for projects" lenses as my directing career
doesn't allow the time to finish or even start those projects...

    These OCT-18 lenses were bought as part of an unused Konvas 7M-package
some years back and have been staying on the shelf since then. Time someone
finally put them to good use. They are in MINT, unused condition; they've
been tested but are basically as new. Lenses made in 1989/1990, as indicated
by the serial numbers, and are thus part of the very last batch of these
lenses ever produced.

    Note re the 28mm: I have around 8 or so 28mm LOMO standard primes lying
around, and the majority of them have issues with the rear optical elements,
this is indeed very common and it seems there was some sort of design or
production issue specifically with the 28mm standard prime that made them
very susceptible to mold or optical cement rot or whatever it is. Anyway,
this lens does NOT have any traces of these all to common problems, which
makes this set rather unusual.

    Price for the 28-35-50-75 set is $1400 USD plus freight. 

(I also have a 35-50-75 set in the same MINT condition, as well as separate
50mm and 35mm lenses, all from the same age range (1987-1990).

Squarefront anamorphics and PL mounted LOMO primes coming up.

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