Pierre Samuel Rioux psrioux at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 17:20:02 EST 2015

With his film DJANGO a western in the Italian Style Tarantino respect the
and it's the only film from him i like. Tarantino was very disappointed
with the PLASTIC LOOK  of his Django film how was shot in film and was
available in 35mm also at this time.

I am a western fan and specially the one made in the Italian wave.

Western in winter in my collection you have some very good:

North Star with   1996  Christopher Lambert
Jeremiah Johnson 1972  Robert Redford
Breakheart Pass     1975  Charles Bronson
White Buffalo         ?  Charles Bronson
The Great Silence     1968    Jean-Louis Trintignant & Klaus Kinski

I like Kurt Russell but  ( Bone Tomahawk 2015 ) his last western film
 became a horror film in a certain way it's not very good.

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