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Modification of a camera body to accept older lenses means they took the CHEAP WAY OUT not something they believed in, they just settled for the cheapest way to do it.  Price new lenses, or even modification of several lenses to fit existing body types.  Modification of a body is cheaper than modification of one lens.

The look you froth over is what happens when large chunks of film are scanned at extreme high resolution and then processed through a full digital suite-- you are worshiping film strained through a digital intermediate to tweak colors and contrast.  That is how you get that great, snappy color, not some magical old lens and film stock being super duper stuff of all stuff. 

It is marketing being used to sell tickets, the image on the screen is an afterthought. 



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Panavision believed in it enough to modify a camera to accept the older lenses that hadn't been used since 1965. That has to count for something. So even if it is a resurrection it functions.....no? 


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