[Konvas] still need front lens glass Angenieux ...

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It's very hard to comprehend the damage on your lens. It looks like an impact of some sort but not sure if the glass has smashed or not, the actual impact was on the side of the lens which has compressed the edge of the glass element but thankfully stopped short and saved the rest of the element from further damage. You have confirmed that the image has not been affected and so the lens is still usuable. There is no reason to repair it unless obcourse you want to sell it.  You will have to take a 10-15% cut in from its value  but that's all. It is still a useable lens as it is and holds a commercial value. You will be lucky to get an answer from Angie as I have tried before trying to get spares for my lenses but you may be lucky. I have asked a number of rental houses to contact me if they come across any spares for your lens but there been no luck so far. These older lenses have now passed on to collectors around the world and trying to establish where they are is a mine field in itself. Personally, I don't think anybody would notice if you are using a cracked lens or not but if it worries you then cut a circle of electrical tape around the inner circle  so to cover the damage up, nobody will know! 

A trade tip, is to use "jewellers Rouge" which I actually use for taking out scratches but in your case rub it over the area and leave it in a Matt finish, do not polish it off with finishing polish.  You will not notice the damage, naturally advise the buyer that this is what you have done and let them decide if they still want it. I would claim insurance and get a new one but that's up to you. Getting hold of spares for Angie glass is a real headache.

Will let you know if any spares turn up.


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> On 16 Nov 2015, at 17:06, Olivier <olivierauverlau at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi all, i still need the front glass elem,net for my old angenieux ….
> ABELCINE don t have it …. 
> i write to ANGENIEUX in france to ask them , but any info is welcome were find this front glass element . 
> it don t affect the image but i use it in commercials shots (in digital cameras) but nobody want see this crash on set !!! 
> bests, olivier . 
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> <IMG_1456.JPG>
> <IMG_1453.JPG>
> <IMG_1455.JPG>
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