[Konvas] Paparadia camera you notice ( in Mad Max production )

Pierre Samuel Rioux psrioux at gmail.com
Fri May 29 17:27:26 EDT 2015

It's the camera with a large zoom
this guy was there just to
shot nice cut supplement for the editor...
he was free no limit ?
could you have a better job.

Well all the story telling was developed for one camera and the other was
point of view.No script for Mad Max but a story board .... Mad Max himself
hoave just few line ! personnaly i preferred the old mad max character.But
you have very nice girl in this one.

Yesterday i go to the association of the filmmaker in Montreal and
i find something
a recent survey in Canada said
90 % of the Canadian preferred to watch there film at home vs cinema.
People are not crazy they find out many film was shot for a 5 feet screen
and they still show them in theater in 2K.
The other bad news is the multimedia project platform with TV  look like
the creator just get more work ... and his salary do not increase or show
up !

Just for fun buy a copy of HAPPY GILMORE in DVD a film shot in the 80's in
and he is better vs many film made today show on Blu-ray.

If you want to read a great book on film financing get BANKROLL by Tom
Malloy an actor producer and buy his film Love n'dance, it's the ideal book
for a indie film with low budget to 6 millions. But todays the 3 to 6
millions film are more risky, pressure to low down the budget asking to pay
less for every thing including actor. You not spend 5 millions on a film
how distributor will give you 1 million for it.

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