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You can buy your wrinkle finish paints in a spray can-- one step, perfect results (depending on the user, of course) and no big deal to use.



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Does anybody know how wrinkle paint works. I have a large collection of
vintage binoculars of various varieties and ages. I have always been fascinated
by optics of all kinds and over the years have collected 100 odd pairs of
glasses ( yes, I know) and I am intrigued by the various types of paint finishes
not just on binoculars but also camera's including the motion picture

Zeiss have adopted a dimple finish which is very attractive and Belomo
also have a peculiar finish which again has its own merits. Other Russian optic
makes also have their own mix but not always as attractive. I have a number of
Ross London binoculars WW11 vintage and as leather was restricted during that
period they attempted to copy leather grain using paint. I have downloaded a
photo of this but I cannot reduce the size of it so it may not transfer.
Arriflex, Aaton, Mitchell etc all finished their cameras in their own brand of
paint. The paint finish certainly enhances the attractiveness of the item which
is one of the reasons other than optical perfection that Zeiss sold so many
binoculars. They chose a tiny dimple finish which is non reflective but is
extremely hard wearing due the dimple surface. In fact every pair of binoculars
I have have different paint surfaces even though some of them are identical from
the same production line.

I assume that a base coat of paint is applied then
the second coat has a restricted air supply to make the paint congeal and come
out in lumps?  I noticed that Bruce painted a Cameflex and this had a dimpled/
wrinkled finish which was quite attractive.

Anyway, interested if anybody can
shine a light on this subject.


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