Pierre Samuel Rioux psrioux at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 23:07:46 EDT 2015

I learn a lot today i met the team at  TUBURLENT a multimedia box
www.turbulent.ca ( 75 worker )

and they do development in web tv , game development , and game and movie

The biggest project they working on right now it's STARS CITIZEN a 85
millions project. Google and you find something big

What i find out it's the working flow are not like in movie in multimedia.
The Producer control the owner ship ( new tendancy )
they do not have a filmmaker in the multimedia team or a DOP.And they do
not know in the team how gonna to lead and take the control.
and take the control of the project or the scene. I understand now why when
you have in a movie a part done in multimedia why the continuity, the
directing ,the story telling have serious probleme and i disconnect from
watching the viewing, this is why.
This why you have nice scene with tracking camera move for no propose, or
actor sit and talk and not move, like in your TV you have no real director

The creativity in this case belong to all...but the owner ship to less
people and this why the origin creator idea it's buy out of it's own
project in this process slowly but this will happen.Trying to get less
royalty to pay possible...

Every one want a product done by a corporation only a product !

Single creator how developing few masterpiece have no place in this system
except for indie film.

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