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Mon Jun 8 14:56:15 EDT 2015

Hate to ask, but what do you mean by "cut the wires ofinquisitiveDrones" in your posting?  Most are radio control, but some are internal programmed control units, and I'm concerned with Drone to Drone warfare being the next step past video games.



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From: RIta Avery <speedbird at acousticturtle.plus.com>

In the UK they are starting to restrict the use of drones initially to safeguard
aircraft but are now changing the privacy laws to include drones. Nothing worse
than taking a shower and there's a little beasty peeping through the window
broadcasting it's images to the neighbours or worse.

Now there's an opportunity for someone. Invent a drone to detect and cut the wires of
inquisitive Drones. Or is that not sporting, perhaps a drone with a shotgun is the answer!



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