[Konvas] TODAY 50 % of all the film made was made with an Arri DIGITAL

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Last year IN THE US MARKET less than 22% of movies THEATRICALLY RELEASED were shot on all forms of digital capture.

The market BS is getting deeper and deeper, but go to 


and look up the technical data on each movie.  What the Arri claim relies on is "shot for television" or "shot for specialty providers" (like Netflix, Hulu, Syfy, HBO, and on and on and on)-- and the direct to video market, either digital download or hard copy sales. 

The last budget I ran showed the same trait that budgets have shown for decades:  We spend more on craft services than on the cost of film, processing, and conversion to 4k digital files for edit, then the cutting, color correction, and visual match for a film master that can be copied in all formats.  Much of the budget this, budget that, and don't forget this factor budgeting is not real budgets.  Sit down with an accountant, pull up real numbers, and run a budget, then look at the 4k theatrical release market as being driven by the cost of striking three thousand prints, shipping them around the country, then returning them to the distributor-- not the cost of shooting on film.

Sorry if it appears I am wound up, but shooting on top drawer digital (4k or better) changes the actual shooting budget by less than one half of one percent. 

The real cost factor is talent on both sides of the camera, and much of that talent is highly overpaid, but the mid to upper range but not yet a headliner actor pay scale has not dropped, it has gone up quite a bit, and unless he is a problem person, no one is cutting their pay rate.

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this is a nice turn over from arri.

Aaton made a turn to made a
great camera following the Penelope

but the corporation start this in a
period with not much R&D money

and the market change faster of what it's
supposed to do.

By a forced digital conversion in the movie theater.

the other 50 % do movie with TOYs and cost reduction.

The film made with 3 to
6 millions are very risky now... and presently

actor you pay 500,000 $ you
get them for 100,000.


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