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Aaton has always been a forward thinking company and although they have been ahead of the game in terms of technology, they have lacked the financial backing to sustain the growth unlike ARRI who always seem to get the finance together before they carry out any R&D. So it was a matter of time that Aaton teamed up with one of their competitors in order to stay in business.

Their digital sound recorder was one of the best in the market and was built like a tank and many are still in use around the world but it was really expensive to buy much more that the Nagra V.
A real pity as it was easier to use that the Nagra. If I saw one today I would buy one.
It's a matter of timing. Aaton are always either too early or too late when introducing new models.
To sell a product you have to know when to introduce your product and more importantly "how" you bring it to the market. This is why the Japanese became so successful in selling, not only did they bring out the right product for the masses but knew how to market it. They listened to the feedback and waited for the moment to strike. Aaton never listened to anybody! They believed their product was the best and it was in terms of engineering but never really understood the needs of the buyers. An example of this was the British Triumph motorcycle, in the 1950-60's
They produced motorcycles that the people really need not need and suffered badly against the Japanese imports. They did not listen. They closed down 3 times. Today, with a management buy out they are selling more motorcycles than they ever did because they listened to the market and made major changes,not just in engineering methods but with the relationship with the distributors. The distributors are the key factor in successful selling. The same concept goes for film production. A distributor will make or break your film so choose wisely.

Rita. Another 2 cents worth

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> On 6 Jun 2015, at 23:55, Pierre Samuel Rioux <psrioux at gmail.com> wrote:
> le co-développement entre Arri <http://www.afcinema.com/Arri-1695.html> et
> Transvideo <http://www.afcinema.com/Transvideo-1694.html> du
> StarliteHD5-Arri
> <http://www.afcinema.com/Le-moniteur-tactile-Starlite-HD5-Arri.html>.
>   Interesting the French corporation TRANSVIDEO how buy Aaton few year ago
> this corporation do a sound recorder and light, and video monitor of great
> quality.
> They just get a partner or collaboration with ARRIFLEX for developing new
> light.
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