[Konvas] I was treated to an analog geek temple yesterday

Nicholas Kovats nkovats at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 09:18:44 EST 2015

I was treated to an analog geek temple yesterday also known as the
Gatineau Preservation Centre which is run by Library and Archives
Canada. My host was local Ottawa filmmaker and film scientist Roger
Wilson in conjunction with our guide and Preservation employee, Paul

"Located in Gatineau, Quebec, the Library and Archives Canada
Preservation Centre houses all of Library and Archives Canada’s
preservation laboratories. Also included in this building are records
storage vaults which accommodate a significant portion of Canada’s
documentary heritage. The Preservation Centre is a
building-within-a-building. An outer shell of glass and steel creates
an environmental buffer zone for the interior concrete structure which
comprises preservation laboratories on the upper floor over 3 levels
of records storage vaults, and other operations."

This building is designed to withstand earthquakes and atomic blasts
by the looks of it. The film preservation division is actively
archiving, optically printing and scanning R8, S8, 9.5, 28, 35, 5-70
and 15-70 film formats. Nitrate film is stored off-site. Largest
collection of superlative Italian Intercine flatbeds in the country.
Even custom R8, 9.5 and 28mm flatbeds with custom sprockets/transports
by the legendary Klaus Linnenbruegger. It was a pleasure to finally
meet him. Paul actually opened a drawer full of Klaus's custom
wetgates in all major formats including Super 8! Simply magnificent.


Analog film color analyzers, dual Kinoton 16/35mm quality control
projection systems with remote control, alot of RTI custom equipment,
processing tanks located above the main interneg/copy processor
utilizing gravity method, DFT German engineered Scanity 4K scanner
with actual 4:3 sensor, BHP modular contact printers, two (2) Oxberry
optical printer systems with custom automation, etc. It's a long list.
Even giant 2 inch quad tape machines are being archived to MJPEG 2000
file format.

The center is also seeking to purchase a Nagara 1/4 inch mono head
with Pilotone module. Please contact me directly if such a machine is
for sale by forum members.

PICTURES: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bx7lCN-y2qb1Z004TXNmNGFtUGc&usp=sharing

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