[Konvas] I CALL THE Odeon Cineplex about the 70mm

Pierre Samuel Rioux psrioux at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 16:44:45 EST 2015

The Tarantino Western will play in 70mm until the 7 January
he start the 31 December in digital projection.
So i need to see it before 6 January if i like to watch it in 70mm.

(Tarantino western play at Montreal finally in 70mm
 at Odeon cineplex quartier latin ( in French ) and
Cineplex Banque Scotia in ( English...)

ABOUT my son ( STAR WARS  show ) the part not in very good focus at IMAX in
MTL was the one in the BAR ( low light and smoke )

I watch this week star wars the 2 first one done in film in Bl-ray and they
had many stuff in it.My wife passing in the living room and notice the
image are great she said and i tell her it's the one shot on film this

Watch Happy Gilmore in a regular DVD and compare it to any film today offer
in Bl-ray you will find out Happy it's better vs many recent film for the
quality of the images and it's was just shot in 35mm and it's a ordinary DVD

Sure digital will surpass film soon in faq they do it for editing, for low
light, for distribution and to look just after it's shot if the scene it's
ok that his the biggest advantage. But film or film capture on film have
also some advantage, less data and image quality and good for preservation
of the original...

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