[Konvas] San Francisco - 1906 or 1910?

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It was shot in December of 1906.

They put the BOUNCE in bounce back, but that is why some buildings seem boarded up but with people going in and out-- they fixed walls and doors, but there was no glass available.  

The traffic was actually normal "before there were traffic signals or even a rule about dividing the road or about right of way and horses, pedestrians, and early cars all shared the road" behavior.   It would be years before the term jaywalking came into being, there were no stop signs, and that's why the roads were so wide-- everyone more or less did what they wanted to do. 

The whole thing was proof that the city was alive, and it proved it to people there and everywhere.  




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You must have eyes of an Eagle to read that. Now, that makes sense, that's why some drivers are  behaving erratically and simply showing off. That also explains why some youngsters are eager to perform in front of the camera. If many of these buildings were destroyed in April 1906 then it means that the film was shot years later. Perhaps I will contact SFO city planning dept as they may have the drawings on microfilm and can date the various planning applications.

Still fascinating though.  Presently checking as to who holds the copyright. Probably city council.


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> It was erected 1898, rebuilt 1906-- which is why the buildings on the road all look new.

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