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I always put the film on the platter, properly spliced, and never saw the splices or any movement during projection-- period. 



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YOU SAID : Since the film is stationary during projection how do you see it

The feed and lock take place while the film is in motion, but the actual
projection only takes place when the film is totally at rest.

I work 7 year as a projectionist in theater at that time it's 2  35mm
projector  with a change over at the end of the reel.Near the end you have
2 oval oval hold at the upper right conner then the projectionist start the
secound projector and at the first and at the secound signal again 2 oval
spot at the same corner the projectionist push with his foot the change
over pedal. ( and in the same time shot down the light of the projector how
finish the reel with his hand by closing a light trap .)
This spot are only on 2 frame then 5 feet after again on 2 frame and follow
the end leader.
At this time the editor need to plan easy transaction at the end of each
reel for a nice projection each reel are 2000 feet 20 to 22 minutes you
have 5 reel per film.
So during this period you can't put a change over in a middle of an
important dialog scene.( this affecting the way they edit the film during
this period )

On a film in 35mm i see all the splice on one frame i could see a splice (
tape ) used to fix perfo because it's over 2 image frame, i could see a
cracked film not completely cut splice with tape, i could see one black
image left beat-wing 2 scene...it's became normal for me.

At Imax i visit the projection room 2 or 3 different time i know the design
of those projector and if you watch carefully the image the scratch and the
dust travel
from left to right... maybe it's difficult to see if the film it's new.
This why in IMAX cinema they are very careful about dust and static dust.

But now we see more and more Imax digital theater..


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