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If you need the feedback of an audience to tell if you really liked the movie-- then it isn't really that good.  

What people say when they leave the movie is radically different than what they state a week later, a month later, or years later.  When someone "by accident" quotes or references a movie they said they did not like you know it was a good movie. 

Never trust an audience, particularly when the movie in question is something "new" to the market.  That's why Lucas got the control of the product instead of the rest of his paycheck-- the audience, both common men and industry insiders-- the audience watched the previews of Star Wars and knew it was a quick to be forgotten, nobody gives a (beep) movie. 

If it is a good movie then, like a good book, you can know everything that is going to happen and enjoy it even more the second time around.  If you need to avoid spoilers it really is not that good of a movie. 

Like I said before:  If you need an audience to enjoy it, that means it is not that good a movie.





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ZefredPierre was only passing on his opinion of the new Star Wars film which he 
has just seen in his local cinema. I have not seen the film yet but am not in a hurry 
to see it either. I have heard the "vox pops" of people leaving the cinema having 
just seen the film and it was not encouraging as most people thought that it was 
just "OK" and a few thought it was great. So I am in no hurry to see it.  I could wait 
to see it on DVD  but I think a film should be watched in a proper cinema with a 
real audience where you can share the excitement with others. When they laugh, 
I laugh and when they cry, I cry.  The reaction from the audience is so important 
 to making the film a success or not. Watching it at home is not the same.  

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