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I hate to say this, but go back to the pre WW2 books on home processing of movie film and you will find how to make processing equipment that will allow you to process B&W 1000 foot loads in your bathtub.  The four sizes of Morse units were for field use by the military, and the 400 and 1000 foot units are almost unseen today, but the principle is simple-- keep the film moving and wet and it will work.   A large manual rewind, a bunch of angle rollers, and double T type spacers to act at the pivot points so you can run it back and forth in a 5cm deep pan 1 meter wide and 1.5 meters long-- that will let you do a thousand foot roll of film in 10 liters of chemistry.  Yes, the rollers and film displace a lot of fluid, but you start with fastening the ends together, then cranking it through water to wet it, after a couple of minutes, then you drain it and refill with your first stage chemistry and continue the process until you've survived the final rinse, then pop the ends loose and string it between ceiling hooks so you can let it dry. 



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Yes Didier I agree
Morse G3 work but it's a lot of work vs the LOMO
how work like the one we used for still 35mm SRL

But it's possible to do 100 feet with the Morse G3

Maybe you could find a way to made it ( the plastic with the curve on the
edge each side could be copies with plaster near 2 feet ) and you find a
way to slide a plastic film hot and you apply the shape ) or maybe betwing
2 rool with a patern of the wave.

 Yes i see the Kinor 35mm made in 1986 a nice one ! start at 100 $ but you
have 500$ for shipping and this seller do not have many sell ???

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