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 It is already affecting investors, the guys who put up the money to make indie motion pictures, and they are seeing the hassle and cost of this 70mm projection as what any film based product would incur.   Some of them made their money, some inherited it, some are brokers for other people's money, but this has raised the rejection to consider rate for indie film based work to over 99% in a couple of weeks, and some of the new investor websites and groups are painting it as "how to spot a money loser before you even look at it" by just walking away from film based work.  

Within the studio systems known producers, directors, actors, and writers are being told they must justify the use of an obsolete format or their "first look" deals may be terminated-- and when people demand the writer justify the use of film you know the person making the demand "has not a clue" as to what he is doing or how movies are made. 

After Kill Bill money for independent production dropped over thirty percent based on the "analysis" of income factors that had nothing to do with reality, it was knee jerk "see, he can make money with that, you need to skip quality, cut costs, and shoot cheaper or else--"   

I have first hand experience with the images and formats, and little of the release of this movie has anything to do with anything other than supporting eleven dozen levels of corporate cluelessness. 

It will likely cut into indie finance and production, but as a one shot "get awards and scarf up cash" it works as a one shot effort. 



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Colcam, you seem to be basing your argument on the idea that every budgeting decision everywhere will be based on the economics of this particular film.  I think everyone knows this is a personal project that happened because "somebody" wanted to shoot ultra-panavision and made it a reality.  Your suggestion to matte the anamorphic frame misses the point entirely. I'd like to see that conversation between you and QT. :)   Why not just take off your line producer cap and enjoy the film?  If the guy has the juice to make it happen, why not be happy for him and support him? It's not the end of the world, trust me.AndrewSent 

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