[Konvas] I agree Colcam

Pierre Samuel Rioux psrioux at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 17:10:30 EST 2015

The major ( 6 ) finance the digital projector for theater owner
to save on film transport and take the control of those screen with out the
need to buy them with a simple contract how give them a kind of exclusivity.
( this killing the independent producer  NO ACCESS TO THE SCREEN )
 The major            to make more money ( they also invest in digital

digital projector

digital distribution )
near 1985 to 1997 55% of all the film was made by independent now it's less
of 18% i do not talk here about the Indies film.
This politic with a fast move cause also the deboire of Kodak and other
film company.
Film distribution how have no access to screen need to using other
distributor how have access to get in so we have the mini major how have a
kind of affiliation.
Film price acquisition in festival reduce like snow at the sun.

Film diffuser buy product at a very low rate... actor got less and less
except if they are in the a list.

Digital camera got no value after 5 year on used market.

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