[Konvas] It's was 2 night shooting

Pierre Samuel Rioux psrioux at gmail.com
Sat Aug 1 13:10:38 EDT 2015

Shot in 35mm with a ArriCam light at 3 perfo on kodak 500 iso
they used 23 K light on a crane to fake the moon light

So i rent it for 2 days for FREE
It's a small budget of 2,2 millions
We made a contract also a release we put 100 $ on the contract
because we need to put something on the contract ... i tell them to
reinvest the 100 $ it in the production.
And i like to get an insurance certificate tell me they got protection.
2 days after the contract was done i just asking for a small change they
put it on my corporation name and the land it's on my own personal name
after this change i sing.
After this the location was secure for them.

So Monday at the diner i read the news about the French actor how came to
play in it and i have not finish to read i got a phone call from the
producer to tell me they coming to night for the shooting, This happen last
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