Shot On Konvas and Kinor Motion Picture Cameras

Konvas 2M
Konvas 2M with mattebox
There were many Soviet films made with the Kinor and Konvas cameras. The following is only meant to be a partial list of the different Films, Television Spots, Music Videos, and other things shot partially or entirely with a Konvas, Kinor, or other Soviet-Made Motion Picture camera, and/or with Lomo lenses.


Frostbite (Genre: Fantasy/Horror - 2006)
Director: Anders Banke
Shot with two Kinor 35H cameras converted to 2-perf (techniscope)

Hunting Dragonflies (Genre: Action/Comedy - 2005)
Director: Adam Frey
Shot with two Konvas 1M cameras

Something Missie (Genre: SciFi - 2007)
Director: Matt Zatkoff
Shot with an Ostcam, Konvas 8M, and Kinor 35H


Seizon (Genre: War)
Director: Evan Kubota
Shot with a Kinor 16

A Dog's Heart (Genre: Sci-Fi)
Director: Richardson N. Leao
Shot with a Kinor 16 SX-2M and a Krasnogorsk-3

Commercials, Music Videos, Camera Tests, Etc.:

Playmoboys - Tarde pra Esquecer (Genre: Music Video)
Shot with a Konvas 2M, LOMO lenses, and a Krasnogorsk K3

Spike TV Video Game Awards Promo (Genre: Promo)
Shot with a Konvas 2M

Fuzby (Genre: Music Videos/Commercials)
Mixed footage - Konvas 2M, Arri, High Definition, etc.

Fantastic Plastic (Genre: Commercials/Promos)
Mixed footage - Konvas 1M, High Definition, 16mm, etc.

Kit Ashton Music Video (Genre: Music Video)
Shot with a Krasnogorsk K3

Test Footage - (Genre: Tests)
Shot with both a Konvas 2M and a Krasnogorsk K3

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