Kinor, Konvas, Camera, & Lens Related

black Kinor 35H
Black Kinor 35H
These are other great places to visit that are either related to Kinor, Konvas, and/or may help out your shoot in some way or another:

  • JA Overtoom's - upgrade to 4-pin XLR power with both Kinor and Konvas 17ep instructions
  • Kristian Schumacher built this underwater housing, capable of going to depths of 20 meters, for his Krasnogorsk K3.
  • Digital Cinema and HD television Equipment manufacturer - Kinor HD Zone
  • ANI-MATO - The site for animation, stop-motion, and 3D-Movie enthusiasts (oriented more towards the Bolex, but many of the concepts can easily be applied by Konvas users).
  • Filmtools - get an eye cushion from them
  • The Classic Camera Repair Forum - For people who enjoy tinkering with old mechanical cameras and lenses. The forum is mainly for still photography and lenses, but, often enough, talks about Jupiter, Carl Zeiss Jena, Zenitar, Industar, and other Soviet made lenses which have relevance to the Konvas/Kinor world of Motion Picture lenses.
  • The Pentacon Six System Lenses - Since there are a wide range of lenses available in the Medium Format Pentacon Six mount, you can use them, using an adapter, with your Konvas or Kinor.
  • Tripods & Accessories - Various information on different tripods.
  • I Scan Manuals - Instruction and service manuals for a variety of cameras.
  • Ebay - because we can find a lot of great Russian Cinema stuff on ebay
  • Patrick Steele's is now closed, but luckily Mr. Steele was gracious enough to donate his hard work on Soviet (Commie) Motion Picture Cameras to - just check out our FAQ and How-To sections.