LOMO vs Cyrillic "nomo"

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Lomo in Russian Cyrillic
Lomo in Russian Cyrillic
Some people get confused when seeing written Cyrillic for the first time (or the hundredeth time). The idea that there is more than one alphabetic system based on the Greek/Latin alphabets may be a bit strange to many North and South American folks, and they can easily get confused when looking at the strangely similiar letters. For instance, our favorite lenses are Lomo, but when looking at the logo, or a lens where the letters are written, we see something resembling "nomo". The "n" in this case is the Russian Cyrillic for the English letter "L", so "nomo" is actually pronounced "Lomo". Got it? There are many other instances that we can go into, but that will be for a different post...

For more information on Russian Cyrillic, check out this website: http://www.omniglot.com/writing/russian.htm

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