Shot On Konvas and Kinor Motion Picture Cameras

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Konvas 2M
Konvas 2M with mattebox
There were many Soviet films made with the Kinor and Konvas cameras. The following is only meant to be a partial list of the different Films, Television Spots, Music Videos, and other things shot partially or entirely with a Konvas, Kinor, or other Soviet-Made Motion Picture camera, and/or with Lomo lenses.


Frostbite (Genre: Fantasy/Horror - 2006)
Director: Anders Banke
Shot with two Kinor 35H cameras converted to 2-perf (techniscope)

Hunting Dragonflies (Genre: Action/Comedy - 2005)
Director: Adam Frey
Shot with two Konvas 1M cameras

Something Missie (Genre: SciFi - 2007)
Director: Matt Zatkoff
Shot with an Ostcam, Konvas 8M, and Kinor 35H


Seizon (Genre: War)
Director: Evan Kubota
Shot with a Kinor 16

A Dog's Heart (Genre: Sci-Fi)
Director: Richardson N. Leao
Shot with a Kinor 16 SX-2M and a Krasnogorsk-3

Commercials, Music Videos, Camera Tests, Etc.:

Playmoboys - Tarde pra Esquecer (Genre: Music Video)
Shot with a Konvas 2M, LOMO lenses, and a Krasnogorsk K3

Spike TV Video Game Awards Promo (Genre: Promo)
Shot with a Konvas 2M

Fuzby (Genre: Music Videos/Commercials)
Mixed footage - Konvas 2M, Arri, High Definition, etc.

Fantastic Plastic (Genre: Commercials/Promos)
Mixed footage - Konvas 1M, High Definition, 16mm, etc.

Kit Ashton Music Video (Genre: Music Video)
Shot with a Krasnogorsk K3

Test Footage - (Genre: Tests)
Shot with both a Konvas 2M and a Krasnogorsk K3

Other - Russian Film Archives:

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