What do OCT, OST, and OKS mean?

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Konvas with OCT18 Lens Mounts
Konvas with OCT18 Lens Mounts

This answer was supplied by Anders Banke in a message dated September 1, 2007:

OST actually means State Standard (in fact it should be GOST, for "gosudarstvennyy standart", and I actually don't know why they dropped the "G" in this particular case, it has always puzzled me). The full name for the OST-19 lens mount is in fact OST 19-144-83, which is the Soviet standardization organizations' registration number for this particular standard.

You can read about GOST here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GOST

OKS means "Ob'ektiv KinoS'emochnyj", which basically means "Lens for Cinema Use".


Translated into English Letters, The Russian Cyrillic "OST" becomes "OCT" (See http://RafCamera.com/info/alphabet.htm for letter translations)

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