I just got a 16mm Kinor, should I modify it for crystal sync?

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Ole DOst shoots film with Kinor 16P
Ole Dost shooting with a 16mm Kinor 16P
Rita answered this one in this post, but here's the compressed answer:

If you are doing lots of sync sound filming then the answer is probably, "Yes, go ahead and get crystal sync". But if you are not shooting very much sync sound, then try shooting some film first to see how it runs (you may be surprised at how well it fairs). Service the camera for smoother running. A PL mount (for a wider variety of lenses) and/or a Super-16 conversion are often good options to choose before thinking about upgrading the motor. The 16mm Kinor is very robust and worth converting to Super-16 and PL for doing cinematography work, but those conversions will not increase the cameras value much.

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