Where can I get a Konvas, Kinor, or other Russian Film Equipment?

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A good place to look is the Konvas.org Industry Links section, since several of the technicians also sell Konvases, Kinors, Temp SKL's, Rodinas, and other great Russian Film Equipment on their websites.

Another good place to pick up a cinema camera is ebay, but be sure to watch out for scams and other problems that have been known to plague ebay sales. Since many of the dealers are in foreign countries, once your money gets to the seller, it could be an issue if the seller decides not to send the advertised equipment, send equipment that was falsely advertised (for instance, an "in perfect condition lens" may have a scratch), send the equipment out a month or two late, or send any equipment at all.

Konvas.org be offering a classifieds section in the future (hopefully soon), so discussion list members can buy and sell their Motion Picture Cinema Gear to people they trust. This is, of course, run by the honor system, so be advised that, although we will be self-screening the listings to make sure that everything appears legitimate, we do not have control over individual buyers or sellers.

We will try to keep order though, so disputes will be handled with the suspension of both parties classified ad privileges until the dispute is settled. If necessary, a neutral panel of list members may be asked to handle any arbitration necessary - their decision shall be considered as final. Also, in order to keep the classifieds as trustworthy as possible, we only allow konvas.org members to post to the classifieds section, so you can at least have a little bit of confidence knowing that this is a tightly knit community.


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