What are the guidelines, protocols, and etiquette for the konvas.org discussion list?

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Our number one rule: Thou shalt not be abusive! But other than that, it's really all common sense - treat others as you want to be treated.

The Konvas.org discussion list has members from around the world, with many different backgrounds and experiences. It is your mission to respect this diversity - be polite, helpful, and friendly. Please be tolerant of others whose experience may be quite different from yours. Did we mention BE POLITE? Just making sure...

Be respectful of other's bandwidth - for instance, if you are going to reply to an email, please DON'T just hit reply and send several pages of already read info back to the list. Especially if you are chiming in with a "ME-TOO". Don't be offended if someone's reply is terse or short-sounding, some of the list members have a lot of work they are trying to accomplish and don't always have time for long explanations.

Don't send pictures to the list that are large in size - the prefered method is to post a link to a picture, but if you must send a picture or two, please keep the total size of each message under 200kb!

And One small request: please introduce yourself when you join, so we can get to know you a little. If you can't think of anything, start with telling us where you work/live, how you became interested in Russian Cinema Gear, etc (that always helps). You never know, but another konvas user could be in the same town as you and could have that weird part that you might need for your camera...

Also, for first time posters, please remember this important fact: First impressions are lasting impressions!

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