Can I use an OCT19 or PL mounted lens with a DOF Adapter?

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Kinor 35mm MoPic Camera
Kinor 35mm Motion Picture Camera

The SGpro and the Cinevate Brevis both currently offer a PL mount and an OCT19 mount, among others, with their DOF kits.

The creators of the Letus35 will make an OCT19 mount for certain models via special request, but only advertise a Canon FD and/or Nikon AI mount (and are supposed to be actively working on a PL mount for those interested).

In the past, P+S Technik and Redrock Micro offered the OCT19 mount as well, but both companies have stopped selling their adapters with those mounts (you should be able to find aftermarket OCT19 mounts for these units). The two companies do sell PL mounts, as well as several others, for their adapters.

The MOVIEtube comes standard with a PL mount, and offers other mounts as accessories, but does not offer an OCT-19 mount.

The Mighty Pico Image Converter (MPIC) creator apparently sells several mounts (including a PL mount), but does not appear to sell OCT19 mounts.

The Indie35 offers both the M42 and Canon lens mounts, and is working on an OCT19 mount.

The Cine-One website is in German, but it seems they offer Canon and/or PL mounts.

None of the above companies claim to be building OCT-18 mounts. So if your lens selection is mostly OCT18, then you may want to invest in an OCT18 to OCT19 lens mount adapter, or an OCT18 to PL lens mount adapter (around $100 to $150 US). Note that some OCT18 lenses will not seat into the OCT19 adapters (and/or adjust) with the focusing wings still on (not sure about the PL mount adapters), so you may need to operate on your lenses to get them to work in that kind of setup.

Recently, a discussion list post from Tup Wright gave us a new twist for those using OCT18 mounted lenses. Apparently, you can now mount the OCT18 mounted lens inside a PL mount adapter. Now you can use the best of both worlds - your OCT18 in your konvas and, with the PL mount adapter, you can use it on an Arri, or other high end camera - or with a 35mm DOF adapter fitted with a PL mount.

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