Mounting the Magazine on the Konvas

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Claw Mark Line
Claw Mark Line

Use the thumbwheel on the motor to advance the pulldown claw to the white line mark (roughly 4 millimeters below the top position of the pulldown claw).

If your Konvas does not have a white line mark, or has one that is slightly above the top position of the pulldown claw mechanism, then turn the thumbwheel until the claw sits at the top position. Stop when the claw is at the top and is still recessed.

No Claw Mark Line
No Claw Mark Line
Seat the magazine into the gate by guiding it slowly and straight into the receiver. Once seated, check the mag to make certain it is snugly in place and that you are unable to easily wiggle it vertically.

Snap the magazine latch into place.

Use the thumbwheel on the motor to move the pulldown claw outward towards the perforations and to engage them. Rotate the thumbwheel several turns in order for the pulldown to advance the film.

It is usually wise at this point to shoot a test burst of film by starting the motor. I usually begin by setting the motor at 8fps. If the film transports properly at that speed, you're cool.

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