Separator Strip, 35mm processing

Our friend Dan Cordle sent this to us on December 8th, 2015:

I've made a 113 foot separator strip by threading cord through the perforations of some thick print stock and punching holes in it. I tried using it once without the holes but in two or three small places the film stuck to the print stock and wasn't processed properly. This was partly due to my loading technique, which was haphazard. So I punched small holes into the strip and made a simple loading device out of lazy susan turning bases and some film reels. Loading is easy now and the separation looks great. I'm expecting great results. I process a lot of still film and using the separator strip will enable me to follow the same kind of process I'm used to. My plan is to use HC-110, dilution H or to use Rodinal at a 1:100 dilution for an hour of stand development. At those dilutions, I hardly use any chemistry. Also, the fully loaded separator strip is only 12.5 inches wide, so I don't need big trays. If you have any questions, please ask. And feel free to pass this along. Best, Dan