Process Your Own Film With a LOMO Processing tank

Process your own film
Process your own film with a LOMO Processing tank
Yes, you can process your own Super-8-mm, 16mm, or even 35mm movie film. It's been done since film's creation, and will continue to be done for as long as film lasts.

LOMO made a spiral reel processing tank for home-processing of motion picture film that could accept up to 50ft loads of 8mm, super-8-mm, 16m, and even 35mm film (a 50 foot load is roughly 15 meters for those using the metric system). You can usually find the tanks on ebay, but be careful not to get the smaller processing tanks made for still photography, as they will not hold 50 foot of film...

Here's a good how-to and explanation on processing your own film (also with good LOMO tank use and procedure instructions) written by Martin W. Baumgarten.