How do I hook up a non-Russian battery to my 17ep motor?

Konvas motor
Konvas motor
This is very important: you perform these operations at your own risk! No one at, none of the members of the list-serv, nor anyone else in the world will take responsibility for the destruction of your motor, if you burn it out. You have been warned! These directions could be completely wrong, since many of the Konvas cameras have been rebuilt differently than originally manufactured. If you accidentally hook your motor up wrong, it will turn your 17ep motor into a nice heavy paperweight. Heck, it could also start cursing, take your lunch money, catch your building on fire, shoot the neighbor's dog, and even steal your wife when you are not looking...

1st, If you have the 17ep motor, it takes a 12-volt battery.

2nd, when you look at the connector plug on the 17ep motor, there are four male connector wires protruding. These four wires are ganged into pairs and actually act as two wires: positive and negative.

3rd, Grab the cable and plug it in. Notice how it seats itself - especially notice the alignment tab. Now unplug it and open the connector on the motor end of the cable (the 4-pin side) and look at how it's wired - it'll likely be four pins bridged into pairs (sometimes though, they've already been operated on and only have two wires connected). The pair nearest to the little alignment tab on this connector (one on either side of it) are negative; the other two are positive. IMPORTANT!!! Do a continuity test with your meter to make extra sure you've got the right wires, then hook them up to the positive and negative terminals on your battery.

Once again--the pair next to the tab are negative, no matter how the connector on the motor itself is oriented.