Assistant Camera Manuals

First Assistant Camera Manuals - currently only in French

This is the Assistant Camera Manual as given to us from list member, Olivier Auverlau (broken up into 4 parts)

Konvas 2M Motion Picture Camera
Konvas 2M Motion Picture Camera (With Anamorphic Lens)
On Saturday, the 14th of March 2009 at 08:47:09 (EST), Olivier told the list about a First Assistant Camera Manual he had found:

I found the copy of the text, it is a manual "between colleges", not a published public book... [Over the years] I have made copies, [since] the author gave us (when we were students 20 years ago) the right to give this info to others first assistants. It is a little "coup de pouce" to help young first camera assistants understand how to work things.

Personally I never was a first assistant professionally, because I came directly to ecuador were I work as a DP, but of course I had to practice all those tests myself and give training to some "first assistants who now are my left hand on set.

I don't have time to translate it, since I am not a native English speaker (I write better than I talk, and when I talk I sound like a hindu taxi driver in Brooklyn that just recently landed)!

This manual is full of tips for the First Assistant Camera, it contains all test and explanations of these tests for the First Assistant Camera (how to do them, how they work, conclusions, etc).

Olivier also had the following to say:

I finished scanning all 94 pages of PURE practical TESTS methodology. The real BIBLE of how to be the best First Assistant Camera! (joke! this take years !) but these are to help those who can understand.

The First Assistant Camera Manual is written in French and is quite a bit Technical - easy for native French speakers, but some people in the group will not understand... But that's ok, it is in french either way.

There's no way for me to make a translation into English (but I am working on a Spanish translation for my Assistants).

First Assistant Camera Manual Part 1

First Assistant Camera Manual Part 2

First Assistant Camera Manual Part 3

First Assistant Camera Manual Part 4

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