What films used a Konvas or Kinor?

The Soviet Space Race used Konvas
Konvas 35mm cameras were used in the Soviet Space Race
We could never list every film that has Konvas, Kinor, or other Soviet made camera footage in them - there were too many Russian and Soviet films over the years made with both, and some that were not, but mis-labeled due to faulty data (and some that were mislabeled to promote a sense of pride in the Soviet Union).

Since the Konvas and other Soviet made cameras were used in the Soviet space race, many documentaries from all over the world have been, and continue to use, clips shot with a Konvas. So let's just say that there have been many, many films, documentaries, and television shows that have Konvas footage in them from over the years.

We do have a small list of Soviet made cameras on Konvas.org that has a few of the more recent indie films and commercials that have been produced around the world. The compiled list is small, but it is growing. So please let us know if your film was shot with a Soviet made camera and we will add it to the list.