Quarz Super 8 mm Camera - What is it?

What is the Zenit Quarz Super 8 mm camera? It's a spring-wound reflex Super 8 mm camera (so looking through the viewfinder results in seeing through the lens) that was manufactured in the former Soviet Union. The Zenit Quarz 1x8S-2 was a second generation of the earlier 1x8S-1 and was produced from 1974 thru 1993.

Weighing in at 1.1 kg, the Quarz 1x8S-2 has a spring wound drive motor, so there's no need to depend on batteries or electricity to run the camera. There is a battery compartment for the cameras built in light meter, which needs two small 1.3V batteries for the light meter to function in auto exposure modes.

The lens is a fast Meteor zoom 1,8/9-38mm with microprism focusing and manual zooming. The Zenit Quarz 1x8S-2 is capable of the following frame rates: 8, 12, 18, 24, 32 and it can do single frame exposures as well (which makes it nice for doing stop-motion animation type work, when used with a cable release). The camera is able to do either manual or auto exposure with +/- correction for auto.