The Konvas 35mm 200ft magazine

Bruce Taylor's Konvas 2M with 200ft magazine
Bruce Taylor's Konvas 2M with 200ft magazine

The Konvas 35mm motion picture camera comes with either a 60 meter/200ft magazine or a 120 meter/400ft magazine. The latter takes normal spools and is able to load a 400ft (120m) load without issue. But the 200ft (60m) magazine is different.

Actually, the 200ft (60m) top-latch from KMZ had no issues, but the MosKINAP 200ft (60m) side-latch had issues with how the raw film fit into the magazine.

The MosKINAP designers took it upon themselves to make a smaller spool which allowed for 200 feet (60 meters) of film to fit into the magazine as tightly as possible, thus making the magazine smaller in size. Since the smaller spool is easy to lose and can accidentally be sent off to the lab, most people prefer to put a standard 35mm spool over top of the older spool and work with it that way.

This can be held in place with gaffers tape, but it's not the most ideal, as there could be slippage. Another option is to buy a Kodak Core Adapter from Raf Camera. Either way, a Kodak spool can be used, and is often considered a better alternative to the smaller 200ft (60m) konvas magazine spools.

Note that with a kodak core, the maximum amount of raw footage will be approximately 170 feet (51.8m), but there are various reports that some only allow from 150ft (45.7m) to 160 feet (48.7 meters). It's safer to play it smart and run less than to try and pack in every last foot and run it to the exact amount, since you could possibly damage not only your magazine, but your camera, and your motor!